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Touching lives.
Reaching out with the love of CHRIST.
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Touching lives.
Reaching out with the love of CHRIST.
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Clothing God's children
around the globe.
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Touching lives
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Blessed to be a blessing
"...I was naked and you clothed me..." Mathew 25:36
Sharing with others is a step to doing good deeds. Support the kids and be a blessing to them.
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Welcome to PROJECT Clothe A Child


Donate Clothes to Africa and Spread Christian Goodwill

“We are Blessed to be a Blessing”

Those with eyes can surely see that the world is full of suffering, especially for children in the impoverished parts of Africa. We can pray for the poor half a world away, but taking concrete action is often the best way to spread God’s love. But what can you do? Where can you go to help?

Welcome to Project Clothe A Child. Here, you can donate clothes to Africa with a legitimate, regulated, nonprofit organization focused on spreading Christ’s love and helping those in need.

Our mission is Simple: to provide clothing and other humanitarian assistance for orphans and underprivileged children in Africa, here at home in the USA, and around the world. As Christians, we believe that God’s unconditional love and compassion is manifested in our works above all things.

Founded by a young mother, Project Clothe A Child is built on relationships—with families, orphanages, social workers, donors, and other followers of Christ who help to further our mission.

Donate Clothes to Africa and Make a Difference in a Needy Child’s Life

Got extra clothes taking up space? If you are a parent with young kids, it’s likely they’re rapidly outgrowing their clothing, and we are always seeking donations of new and gently used garments. If you’re clearing out your children’s closets, we’d be delighted to receive whatever clothes, shoes, or toys you no longer need.

Visit our Donate page.

Want to Get Involved?

At Project Clothe A Child, we rely heavily on volunteers to assist with all aspects of our nonprofit operations. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

Hear Our Story

Based in Pearland, Texas, our nonprofit organization was founded by a young Christian mother who followed God’s calling to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, and inspired her community to begin donating to African children. See the full story.

Reach Out

Whether you feel compelled to donate clothes to Africa or throughout the U.S., to volunteer your time, or to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime with questions or suggestions.

Every child matters. Every donation counts. Join with us to clothe the world, one child at a time.

Where can I donate clothes?

Click here to help needy children with your unneeded clothes.